The Proven Sales Hiring System to Hire & Onboard Your Next Salesperson

John Pyke of The Real Estate Talent Genius Explains the Process of How We Hire Top Performers

We measure over 100 Attributes, starting with: Persistence, Confidence, Self-Discipline, Initiative, Work Ethic, and More.

As America’s leading authority on hiring salespeople and finding talent, I use a program that is based on time-tested, proven, scientifically validated methods. My system eliminates the frustrating, costly guesswork out of the hiring process and replaces it with certainty. The result? You quadruple your hiring success from 20% to 80% or higher.

In addition to being an international award-winning hiring professional, I am also an international, best selling author and professional speaker. Using my unique hiring process I have helped companies achieve record-setting sales revenues. My system delivers unmatched results. Consider me your go-to resource for hiring.

John Pyke Sales Hiring Expert Speaking
John Pyke Sales Hiring Specialist
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90% of what you need to know about your potential new hire is hidden below the surface. We measure the 90% that is hidden to your naked eyes in the interview.